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Improve parental engagement

It is no exaggeration to say that parental engagement is the single biggest factor in children's attainment. If you want to increase the confidence and attainment of pupils at your school then you need parents on board! However, many parents feel that the primary classroom is completely incomprehensible. School workshops are great, but often poorly attended by parents.

So why not give parents a whole series of little workshops in their pockets instead? ZingiTT's bank of short video clips provide parents with the support, guidance and ideas they need.

How can our parents get ZingiTT?

The great news is that there are two great options here.

Option 1: Parents can subscribe online at Zingitt.co.uk The cost is just £5.99/month or just £60 a year. New videos are added every week and parents can also join monthly live online workshops, which are made available as recorded sessions after the event.

You can help by sending out a letter to parents advising them of the benefits and indicating where to go to subscribe. During the registration process all parents will have an opportunity to name their child’s school. For every annual subscription, you will receive a £5 donation towards School Improvement and CPD in your school!


Download an editable MS Word letter template to send to parents at your school


Option 2: Schools can also subsidise ZingiTT, so their parents can access it for free as part of the drive to support parental engagement, recognising the impact of home learning on progress in school. For example, schools can provide ZingiTT for parents of Pupil Premium children, using part of their Pupil Premium funding to enable this. If you are purchasing for your parents, all you need to do is provide us with the number of parents you wish to give access to. We will then invoice the school for the annual amount and provide a unique code, which parents can use to access the portal without the need to pay.

Also, when purchased through a school, we double our School Improvement donation back to the school to £10 per subscription. This means that if you want to provide access to 50 families you get £500 back towards school improvement at a cost of just 3.78% of your PP allocation for these children. All subscribing schools will also receive a parental engagement and PP Impact report six monthly, based on your parents’ usage of the platform.


Find out more

To find out more about how ZingiTT can benefit your school or nursery, please call us on 01206 625355, send us an email to info@tteducation.co.uk or complete the form below:


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Simple ways to enjoy learning together

The videos on ZingiTT are designed to give you a mix of knowledge and practical, fun activities to do with your child.

Helping your child's school

When you make an annual £60 subscription to ZingiTT, £5 will be allocated to support professional development at your child's school!

Understand "school speak"

When your child's teachers are talking in "school speak" - we help you to translate it and start to enjoy it.