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Simplify school speak

As the parent of a primary school or nursery-aged child, it can sometimes feel like their home-learning and their school-learning are two totally different things. 

We all want the best for our children. That goes without saying (even though we just said it!) but how do we help them with what they're learning in school when even the language they use (digraph, anyone? Number sentence? Fronted adverbi-whatsit?) sometimes sounds like complete nonsense? Well, that's where we come in.


Support your child's learning

ZingiTT gives you access to dozens of short, simple videos to help you understand, reinforce and support your child's learning. You can watch them wherever, whenever and they're always there to refer back to. The videos contain fun activities you can do with your children - with no preparation, no expensive and messy resources, and no stress - together with tips and tricks that will help you to take the pressure off and support your child's learning journey both academically and emotionally. Happy, confident parents - happy confident kids...and ZingiTT is all you need! 

Take a look at the range of videos available for you to watch ...


  • Do I really still need to read with my KS2 child?
  • Playing I Spy
  • Memory Games
  • Writing: where do I start with helping my child create stories?
  • Reading: Common exception words 2

Plus 10 other videos to support children with English


  • What on earth is a number sentence?
  • Maths: Different types of average - mean, median and mode
  • Maths - what is a 'regular' shape?
  • Maths: what are proper and improper fractions?
  • Maths: back to back

Plus 12 other videos to support children with maths


  • Science: Vocabulary through Pictionary
  • Science: Chemistry through cooking
  • Science: Light and shadows - shadow hunters
  • Science - fair and comparative testing enquiry and experiment ideas
  • Science - Identifying, grouping and classifying enquiries and experiments

Plus 5 other videos to support children with science

SATs and Assessments

  • Assessment: Spelling tests - what are they actually for?
  • SATs: what exactly are they?
  • Assessment: what on earth is a good level of development in EYFS?
  • Assessment: how often should teachers mark?
  • Assessment: why do teachers mark?

Emotional Support

  • Emotional support - children working above their year group
  • Emotional support: what constitutes a 'reasonable adjustment' for my child with additional needs?
  • Emotional support: what can I expect from a parents' evening meeting?
  • Emotional support: what can I expect when my child starts a new school year?
  • Emotional support - what can i expect when my child starts school?

Plus 1 other videos to support children's emotional well-being

Everything Else

  • What is a growth mindset and how do I develop my child's?
  • How do children learn? Learning through play...
  • How do children learn? The Path to Success..

ZingiTT is ideal for parents, grandparents, guardians and carers. The videos are packed with fun activities, tips and facts. And we will add new videos to ZingiTT throughout the year so there's always something new to watch and try. There will also be videos released over the coming months to help you support your child with such tricky scenarios as:

  • starting school;
  • moving into a new class;
  • getting the right support for any additional needs;
  • how to challenge your child without pushing them;
  • de-stressing in the run up to SATs
  • and, crucially, how do children’s brains actually work – and how does that information help me?

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Take a look at our three sample videos to get a feel for what ZingiTT is all about.


Using simple games to make phonics accessible and fun for your early readers.


It's not all about reciting tables by rote - there are lots of games you can play to help your children understand maths facts and recall times tables. Trust us...!


If your child comes home talking about unit and non-unit fractions and your forehead creases in bewilderment, this is the video for you!